Create the Perfect Photo Wall

Photos make our homes really feel like home. But there’s a trick to making it work so they look like a harmonious collection instead of  like random clutter.

Step 1: Choose a consistent organizing principle by keeping all your  frames the same color and the matte size uniform. Another idea: Print the photos  in black-and-white

Adam Glassman
Step 2: Arrange frames on kraft paper on the  floor, largest in the center, keeping a distance of two to three inches between  them. Trace each with a pencil.

Step 3: Tack the paper to the wall and hammer nails directly through it  for perfect placement; leave two to five inches between the collage and any  doorjambs

Photo Frames

Step 4: Hang scenic, airier shots up high, mix light and dark shots, and  keep all eyes—whether they’re human or giraffe—facing the center to create a  sense of balance

Framed Photos


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