Wow – Southwest Air Service!!


Eureka Springs has always been a desirable location – but we haven’t always been the most accessible. With our winding roads and 2 lane highways, you’ve got to make some effort to get here! And if you want to fly, we’re fortunate to have a couple nice airports within an hour’s drive (XNA in Rogers and Branson Regional) but flights have traditionally been kind of costly.  But that’s all changing – Southwest is flying into Branson!

The Eureka Springs Chamber of Commerce sponsored a road trip to see the airport and celebrate the low fares and increased exposure that service by Southwest will provide to the whole area.  The airport is beautiful with lots of Bass Pro Shop style and friendly Ozarks service. All projections are that the addition of Southwest Air service will make our area an even more ideal place to live and to visit.

Studies have proven what is now called the “Southwest Effect” – defined as the increase in airline travel originating from a community after service to and from that community is inaugurated by Southwest Airlines or another airline that improves service or lowers cost. It will be exciting to see what sort of attention our area experiences. We’re ready – bring it on!!


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